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Mahogany Wooden Fender for Brompton (Rack version)

Mahogany Wooden Fender for Brompton (Rack version)

$165.00 USD

SUITABLE FOR 6mm FENDER SCREW, Please check your bike before order :)

Overview Story

After many trial and error for years, finally, it is here. Our beloved wooden fender/mudguards for Brompton. It is now available for everyone, everywhere.

Material Of Choice

Walnut will give you a darker and calmer look for your beloved Brompton while Mahogany will give you a more cheerful bit of a colour. Both materials are sorted carefully. They have fine wooden grains. You can see clearly the details of the wood. It will give you luxurious and unique feeling for your Brompton

Components on the mudguards are made from aluminium with lightweight. They are cut with laser machine and nicely fit in on the wood.

Some details we want to share

In-lay aluminium, we won't compromise on any details. Every piece is made from steel mould. They are precisely cut into shape. Every piece will have perfect size and dimension.

Another steel mould has been made to bend the wood into the curve that we can fit in the dimension of Brompton 16 inches wheels. Each of wood layer is pressed in the decent temperature and we make sure that it stays in the mould long enough to stay in its shape. We don't compromise on production timing even it takes longer to get the end product this way.

Yet we built another mould! All the bolts and hook that you will receive as a fitting component are made from the mould as well to have perfect dimension and size. It will give you unique feeling from aluminium and brass.

Laser cutting, we embed our inlay-aluminium and logo into fenders itself by using laser cutting technique to bring the best quality on a look and feel. In-lay aluminium will sit in perfectly on the surface of the fenders.


A lot of comments and questions happened during the development process. "How about the rain?", "Is it good if it gets wet?". We prove this by putting our fenders under the water for 48 hours. The result is perfectly fine. It is just wet!

Also, the fender body is solid since we put multiple layers of wood. Yes, not just one layer. In-lay aluminium will help protect the edge of the fenders.



Oil coated one by one. We coated the surface to make it water resistant. Also, this process will bring up the details of the wood grain and make it obviously beautiful.


We ship the worldwide via air parcel. We will provide you with tracking code after we ship. We will wrap it with protective foam sheet and put in the box for you.

I hope you like our product just like we do. If you like it, please feel free to leave some comments on our Facebook here.

Also, we have Instagram to in case you want to see us behind the scene :)