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Brompton (Rack) Wooden Bicycle Grips - Mahogany

Brompton (Rack) Wooden Bicycle Grips - Mahogany

$65.00 USD

Wooden Bicycle Grips

Color: Mahogany

Fit with: Brompton with Rack & Standard ISO Handle Bar with 22.2 mm Diameters

After many trial and errors to ensure the best quality of the products, we finally have our wooden grips ready for every cyclist. And of course, we build this for Brompton Rack-Type riders too. (the Brompton non-Rack type is coming soon!)

Why wood?
We believe that your beloved bicycle is more than just a bicycle. Everyone wants to make their bicycle look beautiful and unique. Wood is a material of choice due to many factors such as longevity, look, feel and especially the aesthetic part. It will fit well with any urban commuters by providing both comfort and beauty.
Our wooden grips are made with real wood. You can choose the tone to match the color of your bicycle. We do offer 2 tones, Mahogany and Ash. Also, we source those materials carefully so you can enjoy very beautiful natural look of wood just like I do.

 ride or wrong-bicycle wooden grips-mahogany_02

We create the best system to ensure the grips last long without compromising on the appearance. We carefully build the aluminum-core and insert it in the middle of the grips to provide the great strength. Also, this aluminum-core fit perfectly with the dimension of the handle bar. We insert aluminum core to make this grip durable and have a good feeling while you grip them. In addition, we make the lock-ring with flat-metal-finishing surface to match the style and look of the wood. This lock-ring will hold the grips with the handle bars. No drill or glue required.

ride or wrong-bicycle wooden grips-ash_02

Laser cutting – we engrave metal piece and logo with laser cutting technique. The logo is beautifully built and placed perfectly on the grips.



Length: 125 mm.
Inner Diameters: 22.25 mm.
Outer Diameters: 33.0 mm.

ride or wrong-bicycle wooden grips-ash_03

We ship worldwide with registered airmail. We will provide you tracking code after we ship out.

We hope you enjoy our products and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this. For the customers who would like to order in bulk please feel free to contact us at rideorwrongshop@gmail.com.

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